Eric Musselman is the current head coach of the University of Arkansas Men's Basketball team. Prior to coming to Arkansas, Musselman coached the Nevada team to the NCAA tournament, where they were also ranked in the top ten for several weeks in a row. At the professional level, Musselman worked with the Orlando Magic, Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Sacramento Kings. He spent additional time coaching internationally in China, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. He is the son of Bill Musselman, former coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

  • 4:07 30 to 60 pages at a 6.0 pace.
  • 5:11 Coaching tips from the MLB.
  • 7:34 Great players are detail-oriented.
  • 9:22 Wired differently. 
  • 10:57 Changing as a coach.
  • 13:04 Selling out the building.
  • 14:21 Reflecting on his father’s coaching style. 
  • 16:20 Differences between college and the NBA.
  • 19:33 Coaching a national team with a language barrier.
  • 21:32 “It’s all I knew.”
  • 24:11 Winning without joy. 
  • 27:06 Crushing or elevating a team spirit.
  • 30:18 Believing in your team.
  • 34:02 Obstacles getting into the college game.
  • 36:55 “You’re not going to fear anyone after that.”
  • 37:47 Taking a risk in Baton Rouge.
  • 41:34 Not building a team in a traditional way.
  • 43:44 You can’t survive without hating to lose.
  • 45:42 Next level skill and the mental game.
  • 49:04 Walking into work everyday with his son.

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