Erik Barnes is a PGA Tour Professional. Starting out as an Amateur, he turned Pro in 2011. While playing on the Korn Ferry Tour this past season, he finished with seven top-10 finishes. He has now earned his way onto the PGA Tour for the 2023 season. 


  • 4:27 Playing in the dark
  • 7:21 Reflecting on the US Open.
  • 9:24 When uncertainty led to sacrifices.
  • 15:03 Maximizing time.
  • 18:22 “I didn’t need much motivation.”
  • 21:54 Perspective and gratitude.
  • 24:57 Putting and scrambling.
  • 26:58 How qualifying for the US Open was "one of the worst things."
  • 29:31 “Golf is not just about golf.”
  • 33:35 50-percent cuts-maker.
  • 36:33 Adopting a different outlook.
  • 39:36 Knowing your game.
  • 43:45 “Everything seemed so easy.”
  • 47:48 Maintain your natural swing.
  • 49:30 The moment he knew.

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