Hunter Scott is a Naval Officer and helicopter pilot since 2007, and currently serves the Pentagon as the Protocol Officer for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He specializes in matters of aviation along with national and cyber security. Scott has accumulated several military and civilian awards, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal in 2016. He has earned two masters degrees, one from Harvard, and earned an undergraduate degree was from North Carolina where he was also varsity cheerleader. 

In 2000, he helped draft legislation in that exonerated the unjustly court-martialed Captain of the USS Indianapolis. Charles McVay III was the only captain to be court-martialed out of over 700 ships that sank. What began as a history project as a 12 year old turned into a major quest. Our guest has been recognized in Florida on August 24th every year, as Hunter Scott day. 

  • 6:05 Quint’s soliloquy in Jaws.
  • 7:45 Interviewing the first survivor.
  • 9:51 Writing 40 more letters.
  • 11:34 Treasure hunting on the USS Indianapolis.
  • 14:40 Delirium and survival: a memoir.
  • 18:02 Telling their stories
  • 20:14 “It was unfathomable.”
  • 23:16 The response from the president.
  • 25:02 Disqualified.
  • 26:12 “I knew the message was sent.”
  • 29:38  Testifying at 14 years old.  
  • 33:28 Believing it was the captain’s fault.
  • 34:51 What happened with the SOS messages.
  • 36:40 The Swiss Cheese model.
  • 38:01 “The angel from heaven.”
  • 40:26 Admiral King’s responsibility. 
  • 42:08 Called to serve in the Navy. 
  • 42:54 Continuing to tell their story.
  • 45:12 The future of service. 
  • 47:24 The mental toughness to do what was meant to be.
  • 49:45 Being a “dream-builder.”
  • 51:13 The benefit of being disqualified.

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