Michael Bentt was a four-time NY Golden Gloves champion, and one of the most decorated amateur boxers in the United States. He earned a bronze medal at the Good Will Games and the Pan-American games, along with earning 2nd at the Olympic Trials. He was also the WBO Heavyweight Champion, beating Tommy Morrison in 1993. He has starred in numerous films and TV episodes, including Million Dollar Baby and played Sonny Liston in the film ALI. He has also directed an off-Broadway play called, Kid Shamrock. He stars in Netflix docu-series called, Losers. Michael is also the author of a fantastic piece titled, Anatomy of a Knock-Out. 

  • 4:45 The only honest boxer.
  • 6:40 Being dad’s trophy.
  • 11:12 “I don’t want to box anymore.”
  • 15:30 Conflicted by the sport.
  • 20:00 Turning pro and the avalanche of resentment.
  • 28:30 Going against Jerry Jones.
  • 30:57 Writing and self-medicating.
  • 35:52 Still had something to prove to himself.
  • 41:40 “Not again.”
  • 45:30 “At some point he’s going to hurt you.”
  • 51:14 Knocking down Tommy Morrison.
  • 53:03 Not trusting the adulation. 
  • 57:23 Getting beat 9 times out of 10.
  • 1:03:20 96 hour coma.
  • 1:06:24 Being around “major minds.” 
  • 1:09:12 Seek, study, and prepare to fail.

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