Miléne Jardine is a chocolatier in New York City. After 12 years in the fashion industry, a setback propelled her into establishing a business creating and selling her first love: chocolate. Miléne’s unique flavor combinations showcase her travels in Egypt, Japan, Paris, and around the world. 

Explore her creations here:  

  • 3:56 Sneaking chocolate.
  • 4:50 It started with the truffle.
  • 6:45 The ritual at the cherry blossom tree.
  • 8:33 What do I do next?
  • 10:30 Going all in.
  • 11:22 Why the first 10,000 dollars felt better than a million.
  • 13:55 Following the dangling carrot.
  • 16:00 Providing for healthcare workers during COVID.
  • 19:14 Roots in Paris.
  • 21:34 Inspiration from Egypt.
  • 24:13 “Live by love.”
  • 26:54 Navigating tangents of doubt. 
  • 30:10 New York City and small business support.
  • 34:14 Those who thought it was a bad idea.
  • 37:08 The vision for Miléne Jardine chocolate.
  • 40:08 Finding complimentary flavors.
  • 43:07 Applying fashion to a chocolate assortment.


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