Lewis Robling is an ex-professional rugby player of 10 years, the founder of a sustainable e-commerce business (Cocabana), an ultra marathon runner, and an online coach. As an ambassador for Big Moose, Lewis plans to raise money for early intervention therapy by running five 250kilometer ultramarathons in the year 2022. 


  • 5:00 Getting the imaginary key.
  • 8:28 The effect of never making it.
  • 11:23 50 coconuts in Bali.
  • 15:08 Running for a higher purpose. 
  • 22:00 The two toughest days of his life.
  • 23:50 Dealing with the new normal and finding the “why.”
  • 25:12 Crying in the Peak District.
  • 28:07 Choosing vulnerability.
  • 36:17 “Awareness is nothing on it's own.”
  • 38:40 Running toward versus running away
  • 42:30 Sri Lanka: The highs outweigh the lows.
  • 51:15 The bond through suffering. 
  • 52:42 Preparation facilitates enjoyment.
  • 56:33 Prioritize pacing.
  • 59:42 When to push forward and when to pull back.
  • 1:02:34 Courage, intuition, and discipline.

Big Moose: https://www.bigmoosecharity.co/#intro 

Cocabana: https://www.cocabana.co.uk 

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/lewis_robling 

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