Donita Walters is a repeat guest of the show (see Episode 43). She is a high school teacher and swim coach. As a swim coach, she has coached many at the national level and the Olympic Games in Rio. She is an avid cyclist and accomplished her goal of riding coast-coast across the United States, a total of over 3700 miles. She had ridden close to 5000 miles as her training for this epic journey when her hinge moment occurred...

  • 4:22 The last training ride.
  • 7:50 When the go-getter is sidelined.
  • 9:33 Pain that takes your breath away.
  • 12:54 Coaching young athletes through set backs.
  • 14:20 The next hinge moment.
  • 16:53 Going from East to West.
  • 21:43 The bad 4-letter word.
  • 25:43 “360-degrees of awesome on the bike saddle.”
  • 29:28 The first Rocky Mountain climb.
  • 32:19 Taking the front tire to the water’s edge.
  • 34:58 “It’s not about me.”
  • 36:50 Didn’t always feel like a miracle.
  • 39:00 Coming off the mountain.
  • 40:54 Never give up. 






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Dr. Rob Bell

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