Eddie Robinson Is Currently the Senior Pastor at Christ Memorial Temple. Attended Lamar University in Beaumont, TX on a basketball scholarship. Played basketball professionally in Sydney, Australia and joined the Dallas Mavericks in 2003. Then stepped away from sports in 2004, became a youth pastor in 2005. 

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2:51 Different mindset, same pursuit: his hinge moment.

10:20 Life after a pivotal moment.

13:30 Believing vs. trusting in God’s plan.

19:00 Walking through the doors of his calling.

22:15 “What’s going to help my ministry?”

25:00 Letting go of the old control of a point guard.

29:45 Sacrificing, striving, and remembering.

36:29 Taking hands off the wheel.

38:45 “He never left.”

41:45 There’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

43:45 Common questions. 

47:42 The protection of sports.

49:18 What’s coming after the pandemic. 

54:23 Balancing family life and personal passions.


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