David Novak was the Former YUM brands CEO with over 45,000 restaurants in 135 different countries, while employing over 1 million people. He was also recognized as the 2012 CEO of the year. David has developed leaders at all ages through his family’s Lift-a-Life Foundation, Lead4Change, Global Game Changers and his Leadership Institute. He is also the author 3 books- including O GREAT ONE! A Little Story About the Awesome Power of Recognition. His Podcast is titled: How Leaders Lead 

  • 3:16 Shooting his age in golf.
  • 6:11 Learning how to size people up.
  • 10: 25 “You’re a really good marketing guy.”
  • 15:30 Changing culture through rubber chickens, cheese heads, and teeth.
  • 21:33 Why people leave companies.
  • 24:42 The most powerful phrase.
  • 27:55 Nice and tough.
  • 29:41 Ingredients for growth and defining reality.
  • 33:39 Growing or swelling.
  • 36:37 The hot shot exercise.
  • 39:48 Top 100 marketing failures of the United States. 
  • 46:33 More wins than losses.
  • 48:11 The thing about cancer. 
  • 52:07 The 3x5 card exercise.
  • 55:33 Developing a pipeline of leaders.

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