Dan O'Brien is a Gold Medalist in the Decathlon. His story is best known for his failure in 1992 and his comeback at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Dan O'Brien has three consecutive world championships along with the Gold Medal and has written a book titled "Clearing Hurdles: The Quest to Be The World's Greatest Athlete." He currently coaches and provides media commentary for US Track & Field. Follow him here at  Twitter  or Instagram 

4:08 - Who is the world’s BEST athlete?

5:15 - The Dan vs. Dave commercials.

5:50 - The Fame & Fortune.

7:30 - The moment has come for the Olympic Trials.

10:50 - The third attempt that O’brien had never faced.

13:00 - The ultimate moment that stripped away O’brien’s dreams.

14:38 - O’brien’s realization of his worst tragedy.

17:02 - How the release of pressure changed O’brien’s performance.

18:23 - Taking ownership of his own actions.

20:20 - Failure = Success

22:42 - Laying it all on the line to become the world’s BEST athlete.

25:00 - The mindset O’brien adapted to face adversity.

28:10 - THE moment O’brien had been waiting for his whole life.

30:04 - O'brien's journey of dealing with post-competition depression.

34:40 - How dropping out of college lead O’brien to self-analyzing his own life.

37:20 - Coming to a crossroad and how he took action.

42:10 - NEED > Want

47:43 - Pushing to FINISH is KEY.

49:50 - The Mirror Technique: How O’brien said he was going to do it and did.

52:03 - Separating yourself from the field.

 54:20 - How making a promise to himself lead to success.

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