Coach Matt Deggs- Sam Houston State Baseball

In his first four seasons as head coach, he has led the Bearkats to 3 Southland Conference Championships, 2 NCAA regional appearances, and 1 NCAA Super Regional appearance in 2017, which was the first in school and Southland Conference history.

More than the wins and losses, Deggs believes in building men through his transformational coaching style. His message in a post-game press conference after their season-ending loss to Florida State in the 2017 NCAA Super Regionals went viral reaching more than 50 million people across the world.


3:40- The hard truth Matt had to face to put him on his journey.
9:30- “It will humble you.”, Matt talks about his lowest point.
11:07- Why his lowest point was not his "rock bottom."
14:34- With new opportunities, comes new challenges; Matt talks about the temptations of his
new location.
17:00- The blessing Matt found when moving to his new home in Lafayette.
18:34- Matt speaks about the stages of grief he cycled through and why anger was so prevalent
in his life.
19:34- How his daughter became the final change coach Matt needed.
24:34- The coaching philosophy Matt developed from his 430-day transformation.
27:39- One of Matt’s “God winks” that told him to keep moving on.
29:58- Tying your identity to who you are, NOT what you do.
33:20- What to do when that “I’m not good enough” feeling overcomes you.


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