J.P. Neurbun- Calling UP! 

3:14- “Focus on the controllables” and “Act in accordance with our principles”, two principles to JP’s mental toughness philosophy.

4:36- How to focus on those controllables when there’s so many outside distractions.

7:58- The inspiration behind JP’s new book and why he believes it’s great for all coaches.

10:15- A transformational leadership system you could apply today.

11:50- The right way to give your players ownership in practice and on game day.

13:13- Getting to know your athlete’s as people NOT just players.

15:13- The BIGGEST mistake coaches make when trying to build a team culture.

17:20- Why coaches aren’t making the necessary changes for the success they want.

19:06- JP’s HINGE moment that came from opening up and prioritizing the right values.

23:48- Why JP’s book is so valuable for coaches.

25:15- The strategy JP uses for successful book writing.

27:06- The “Jerry Seinfeld calendar trick” that helped JP progress through his book writing.

Check out the book here... https://thriveonchallenge.com/books/ 

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