Chase Wright is a Professional Golfer who will be a rookie on the PGA Tour in 2018/2019 season. He won the Rust-Oleum Championship on the tour in 2018. He is a Graduate of Indiana University and All Big Ten player. He's been a professional golfer since 2012 and has played all across the world where he has succeeded and failed. 

3:17- What is Mental Toughness to Chase?

8:00- Working on patience and attitude for success.

11:50- Morning routine and evening unwind.

14:00- “No one ever talks about the deep dark times”, Chase acknowledges more than just the successes.

14:54- Chase’s Hinge moment with Q School.

16:18- How soon does success turn into focusing on the next?

19:45- How to get to that NO FEAR point.

22:20- Staying disciplined in your mental routine to remain decisive on the course.

23:57- Embracing failures to become Mentally Tough.

26:48- “You only play bad when you let yourself play bad." the importance of a positive attitude.

32:03- Managing free time and life on the tour.


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