Dr. Bhrett McCabe is a clinical psychologist and one of the best in the business of performance enhancement. He owns and is founder of The Mindside and has worked with University of Alabama and multiple PGA Tour players. His podcast is titled: The Secret To Winning and his book is titled: The MindSide Manifesto.  

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  • 3:00 Surrounded by greatness: getting a phD in baseball. 
  • 7:45 Injury, hypnotherapy, and mechanics. 
  • 12:20 Creating outcomes vs. preventing mistakes.
  • 14:00 The catalyst to Bhrett’s success.
  • 15:00 Mono, night class, and the beginnings of his future.
  • 19:44 When his professor sat back and smiled. 
  • 26:18 Three simple words that make all the difference.
  • 28:20 World-class expertise and spite.
  • 31:00 The 70% left behind during the pandemic. 
  • 34:32 “Life stress does not need to be diagnosed.” 
  • 36:36 Nixing stress for the long run.
  • 38:28 From threat to connection: our constant evolution.
  • 40:25 Three 3 phases of getting through the unknown.
  • 43:02 What’s our goal? 
  • 44:55 Purpose in suffering and winning at something.
  • 48:00 “I was fascinated by the pursuit.”
  • 52:39 Breaking down the formula to success.
  • 55:13 The best of the best do these two things.
  • 59:45 “What do you really like?” 

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