Barry Zito is a 2x world series champion, 2002 Cy Young winner, and talented musician. He was The Rhino on The Masked Singer. His book is titled:  Curveball: How I discovered true fulfillment after chasing fame and fortune.

  • 3:48 Performing as a masked rhino.
  • 5:40 Taking lessons from the field to life today. 
  • 7:56 Taking credit for a curveball. 
  • 10:35 Staying on his side of the fence.
  • 12:43 The challenge of repeating success. 
  • 14:20 The weight of 126 million dollars.
  • 16:23 Staring out over the hills alone.
  • 20:31 “Results are for other people.”
  • 23:45 The echo of a thousand boo’s.
  • 27:27 Transferring fame and fortune onto young talent.
  • 30:25 Playing his own game within the game. 
  • 36:05 All the glory comes from being your best self.
  • 38:18 Enjoying success without attachment.
  • 41:10 Keeping identity and performance separate.
  • 44:03 Going back in time with childlike wonder.  
  • 46:50 Following what's in his blood: continuing his music career. 

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