Albert Jennings never lost a golf tournament from ages 10-15, becoming one of the best young golfers in the world. He wore long pants as a child because he was going to be the next "Tiger Woods." He was a Phenom. Hear his story and lessons learned. He is now an awesome golf coach! Visit him at

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3:18 Albert recalls his early memories of golf: not winning from ages 5-10. 

6:07 Why he wore long pants during tournaments as a kid.

6:47 When he first began comparing himself to Tiger Woods.

8:50 How his pride and identity was influenced by success at a young age.

12:25 Balancing confidence with being realistic.

13:50 What Albert remembers from going to Oklahoma State in 8th grade.

15:38 Albert reflects on early memories, "Could something have been done differently?"

17:13 Albert's expectations of himself. "My golf world got bigger."

21:09 Teaching young golfers how to not internalize "bad" shots.

22:08 Goal-setting for young golfers.

23:21 When the spiral began to happen.

25:34 "What do you have confidence in?" Albert's race car analogy.

27:04 Albert shares how young athletes need more credit.

28:33 Albert talks about the precedent that was set with his dad as a young golfer.

32:40 Albert describes parenting in golf.

34:45 Albert shares a recent example of what being over-invested in results as a parent looks like.

39:20 Putting the parent-child relationship above the success in sport.

44:03 Taking kids to a theme park: an analogy on pursuing high-level golf.

49:41 How to be successful in golf: know the game and know yourself.

53:53 Albert asks, "What's the best way for kids to learn?"

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