Michael O'Brien is the Chief Shift Officer at Peloton Executive Coaching and helps leaders prevent bad moments from turning to a bad day. He has shared his personal transformational Last Bad Day story and leadership advice on the TEDx stage, with Fortune 500 companies, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Real Simple, ABC, and NBC. Shift: creating better tomorrows winning at work and in life. https://www.michaelobrienshift.com/ 

3:00 Still remembering the screech of the brakes.

7:03 Arguing with reality. 

11:18 The shift toward gratitude.

15:58 The patient’s work will pay off. 

18:28 Know thyself.

22:33 “I thought I had to do more to be more.”

26:54 Be, do, have.

32:15 Coaching with a “better together” mindset.

35:09 What it all comes down to.

39:00 Time to be the student.

43:17 “By going slow, sometimes we go faster.”

46:32 Riding in the same peloton.

49:36 There’s more that brings us together.


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