Greg Sinche- From a Stroke at Age 5 to an Ironman

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3:28- Greg’s big HINGE moment that happened at just 5 years old.

5:58- How Greg overcame such a huge obstacle at such a young age.

7:15- Why the drive to “prove people wrong” can be such a BIG motivator for success.  

8:30- “I deserve to be happy”…the battle with depression that came along with Greg’s journey.

11:50- What Greg learned about himself through pushing his limits.

13:20- “…It’s disproving that little voice in my head…”; Greg talks about the motivators that got him through the tough training days.

14:27- The physical challenges that Greg faces and how he mentally overcomes them.

18:30- THAT feeling of finishing an Ironman.

20:32- What really sticks out to an Ironman competitor looking back on the whole process.

22:14- Greg’s advice for attacking ANY challenge in front of you.


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