Frank Agin is a master connector. He's the founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections, where he works to empower entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals around the country to become more successful through networking.

3:35 “It is so easy to promote other people.” 

5:51 Our rational and survival brain, and the ability to connect. 

7:24 Fear, trust, and human development. 

8:40 The simplicity of conversations. 

9:43 Jabs, punches, and good conversations.

11:50 The game plan in exiting a conversation. 

12:50 The one thing Frank never says when he walks out of an event.

15:01 Introduction strategies: build up both people. 

15:47 What mental toughness looks like everyday. 

18:35 October 15, 1983.

21:45 Turning away from discouragement.

24:10 “It’s not supposed to be easy.” 

25:03 Strategies for the long haul.

26:35 “There’s no competition for excellence.”

28:48 The daily task that took him from  0 to 15 franchisees.

32:15 The difference between low and high value activities.

35:10 Everyday is a competition.

38:02 How faith guides his business.

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Dr. Rob Bell 

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